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Joe Parisi interviews people who have made unique contributions to pop culture. Film and television stars, musicians, street artists, filmmakers, authors, wrestlers and even explorers have shared their stories with Joe and his listeners. With a consistently surprising and highly original list of guests, Joe brings you along for a rare "peek behind the curtain" and "dive down the rabbit hole". He offers up some truly unique trivia and odd facts and introduces you to some wonderfully entertaining people along the way.

Nov 12, 2020

A look back at the career of the late-great Jonathan Brandis.  He made so many cool contributions to pop culture throughout the 90's.  Join Joe Parisi and Brian Pocrass for a trip back to the 90's! 

Sep 2, 2020

Darryl Vidal has the incredible honor of being one of the people who competed on-screen in the 1984 "All Valley Karate Championship" in the movie The Karate Kid.  In fact, he went all the way to the semi-finals in the film where he faced off against Johnny Lawrence.  Well, Darryl played a much larger role than...

Jul 9, 2020

Exploring the 1985 cult classic "Heaven Help Us" with actor Jay Patterson who played "Brother Constance".

Jul 2, 2020

Robert Weatherwax is a 3rd generation Hollywood dog trainer.  Between his grandfather, his father and himself, this family has trained some of the most famous and beloved dogs in all of film and television.  Lassie is just the tip of the...

May 29, 2020


Exploring the history of Our Gang/The Little Rascals and the life of Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer.